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Welcome to Power to the Polls WI!

Early voting begins on October 25th and Election Day is November 8th. Get all the information you need to cast a ballot and make your voice heard!

Stay up to date with the latest communications from Power to the Polls WI. We’ll let you know what you need to make your vote count.

When you support our work, you support our communities. Make a donation to support our canvassing and on-the-ground work.

The future of our democracy and a host of life-or-death issues could all boil down to whether a few thousand people in Wisconsin show up and vote. A small but powerful group of people is counting on us not showing up. This is why Power to the Polls WI is dedicated to making sure everyone has access to the ballot. Follow along with us on social media!

When we vote, we have power. And we'll use our power to make sure democracy works for all people.

-Reverend Greg Lewis